Our Foundations

The Milgard Family Legacy Foundations

The Milgard family legacy foundations were created with love for family and continue to honor the work that Gary and Carol started with the Gary E. Milgard Family Foundation.

Restructuring in 2016 allowed us the opportunity to explore individual passions and engage the next generation through this philanthropic journey.

Our foundations are guided by the values of the Milgard family and represent the interests and passions of each board member.

We support the works of a wide variety of non profit organizations that serve our communities well. By listening to those who see first hand the needs and learn where to best support their efforts, we can both give back and educate our descendants in the value of community service.

Ruth Foundation

Supporting organizations that provide direct support for animal welfare and marine life preservation.

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Skylight Foundation

Supporting organizations of the greater Los Angeles area who provide well managed programs and projects.

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Whisper Foundation

Supporting well managed organizations that work to improve the quality of life and impact change.

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Windows of Hope Foundation

Supporting organizations in Pierce County that work toward the betterment of our community.

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