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How it started

Gary and Carol were lifelong residents of Lakewood and Tacoma Washington. They shared a passion for giving back to the community in which they worked, lived in, and raised their children. Through the Milgard window business, they created a community action giving program as a way to support and educate employees in the value of community service. MGCAT, as it was named, inspired the family to establish the Gary E. Milgard Family Foundation in 2000.

We are grateful for the support the community gave Milgard Windows over the years, as it allowed us to create the Milgard foundation, however there is no affiliation between the Milgard business and the Milgard foundations.

The Milgard Family Legacy

The legacy of Gary and Carol lives on through the family members, including their three children, Cari, Lori and Mark and their grandchildren, Kasey, Kirby, Scott and Lindsay. Standing united by their values and shared interest, they are committed to honoring the legacy of their parents and their grandparents.

We feel fortunate that our staff has had a long standing history with the family, as many of them worked at Milgard Windows. They play an integral role supporting each of the foundations, their members, and the mission for the legacy.  As Gary and Carol often said, "It takes everybody pulling on the oar” to achieve a common goal.

The Milgard Family Legacy Foundations

In 2016, the Gary E. Milgard Family Foundation reorganized into four new legacy foundations that represent the individual passions and interests of the board members, while preserving the values of the Milgard family. The foundation names are the Ruth Foundation, Skylight Foundation, Whisper Foundation and Windows of Hope Foundation.

All four of the foundations continue to the follow the original mission statement created by Gary and Carol and Cari, Lori and Mark:

Our goal is to support a wide variety of organizations that serve our communities. We believe this is a way for the family to give back and continue to educate their descendants in the value of customer service.

This Foundation supports well managed non-profit project and programs that focus on the health of the community.

Grants will be awarded to organizations that work to improve quality of life and impact a positive change in the community.

Gary and Carol

Gary provided the drive and the vision for the Gary E. Milgard Family Foundations.

Carol provided the heart and the enthusiasm for the Gary E. Milgard Family Foundations.

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