The Legacy Continues…

Living on through the family members as they honor their parents and continue to give back to the community that supported them throughout the years.

About Us

The Legacy Foundations

Our foundations support the work of a wide variety of non-profit organizations that serve our communities. The foundations are guided by the values of the Milgard family and represent the passions of the individual board members.

Ruth Foundation

Supporting organizations that provide direct support for animal welfare and marine life preservation. Learn More

Skylight Foundation

Supporting organizations of the greater Los Angeles area community who provide well managed programs and projects. Learn More

Whisper Foundation

Supporting organizations in Pierce County that work to improve the quality of life and impact change for the under-served community. Learn More

Windows of Hope Foundation

Supporting organizations in Pierce County that work toward the betterment of our community. Learn More

Our Goal

As we listen to the voices of the community, we learn to identify the needs, goals and possibilities to allow others to live their best life.


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