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Can we mail in or email our grant request or do we have to 
submit on-line?

Our grant applications process requires you to set up an account and apply on-line. You can stop, save and return to your account at any time to finish the process. Our grant database also keeps all of your historical grant information as a helpful resource.

I am unable to log in to the grant database or forgot my password?

Please contact the foundation office to assist and reset your password. Please do not create a new duplicate organization account.

How do I change our contacts or organization’s address information in our grant database?

Our foundation office will be happy to assist, please email the updates. In order to add new contacts we will need their email address, title, phone number and address.

We failed the eligibility quiz, can we still apply?

Please contact our foundation office and we will advise.

We are not classified as a 501(c)3, can we apply?

No, we only award to nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations.

Do I need an access code to apply?

No, access codes must be pre-approved.  The access code allows you to skip the eligibility quiz and go directly to the appropriate foundations application. An access code is not required for a LOI submittal.

Can I use the same access code for more than one foundation or every year?

No, the one-time access code is only for that particular foundation and grant proposal.

Can I apply to more than one of your foundations for the same proposal?

Yes, if you pass the eligibility quiz for that foundation. The quiz will let you know which foundations you are eligible to apply to.

How often can we apply for a grant?

Generally, once a calendar year per organization, unless otherwise approved.

What are your grant deadlines?

We review proposals on an ongoing basis. Please keep in mind that the entire grant process can take up to 3-4 months and we generally close new application submittals by mid-November.

How will we know if our LOI was approved or declined?

You will receive an email notification either declining the LOI or inviting you to submit a full application.

Our LOI was declined, can we reapply?

Please contact our foundation office, we can provide feedback on the reasons for the decline to help determine if you should reapply the following year.

Can we request a meeting or site visit to discuss our grant proposal?

Once a LOI is approved by our foundations board, we will contact you to schedule a meeting or site visit, if requested by the board. We generally do not schedule meetings before a funding request is submitted.

We have been invited to submit a full application, how to we access?

Log back into our grant database and you will see the application on your dashboard. Select “Edit Application” to complete. Some of the questions were already answered on the LOI and they automatically transfer to the application.

We cannot access our grant report on-line?

Grant follow-up reports are assigned to your organizations contact who originally submitted the application. If that person is no longer at your organization, please contact our office via phone call or email to reassign the follow up report.

Can we email or fax our grant report?

The six month and annual grant follow-up report must be submitted on-line for each grant request in order to complete the requirements. Any additional follow-ups after the final report can be emailed. You can access our grant database and the follow-up report by going to “Start Application” on our Apply Page.

Do we still need to submit an annual report if our 6 month report shows final numbers and project completion?

Please contact our foundation office if you have been assigned an annual report and your 6 month report was submitted as complete.

How should any public recognition be worded for our grant award?

In the event of any public recognition for this grant award, please thank the Gary Milgard Family, unless otherwise specified.

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